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Our anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies are the only ones in the world that really work.
There are no other effective anti-aging technologies in the world.

Aging retardation technology
We have found the aging retardation technology thanks to which Methuselah - according to the Bible, one of the forefathers of mankind, famous for his longevity, lived 969 years. Methuselah did not use pills, or drops, to slow down aging, or to rejuvenate. He had another way, for slowing down aging, or, for rejuvenation, that he might not have known about, and might not have understood these physical processes. Methuselah lived in other gravitational conditions and in other physical conditions that enabled him to live almost 1,000 years. According to the Physical Theory of Aging, the human body ages because of the gravitational and physical conditions that the Creator created on planet Earth to limit the life span of living organisms. But the Creator left it possible to extend life, greatly extended, if one understands and uses the physical laws of nature correctly and lives by the physical laws of nature correctly. These special physical conditions trigger physical processes in the body that slow down aging.
The Scientific Physical Theory of Aging and the Technology of Slowing Aging that we have developed makes it possible to slow down aging.
The field of research and work of our Science Center is the technology of slowing down aging and the technology of rejuvenation. We have fundamental scientific achievements in understanding the nature of aging and we have developed and tested technologies for eliminating the root causes of aging and aging retardation. We've also developed rejuvenation technologies that work. So far we are working on the first stage of the project - aging deceleration technologies. We have developed several technologies and types of equipment for eliminating the main causes of aging and aging retardation.

Our anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies are the only ones in the world that actually work effectively. No other such effective technologies exist yet.

Our Research Center has developed and created the Physical Theory of Aging. This is the fundamental scientific theory of aging. It is the only correct one among numerous theories about aging. It is easily proven. Also, the famous famous US gerontologist L. Stephen Coles, creator of the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), a world-renowned, very reputable organization of gerontologists, has endorsed our Physical Theory of Aging. Our Research Center, based on the Physical Theory of Aging, has developed a scientific model of human biophysics. We have understood the nature of aging and aging processes. We have found ways to slow down aging, by 50 years or more, and we have found ways to rejuvenate.

Results. At the moment we have a complete theory of aging and on its scientific basis we are at the stage of development and implementation of aging retardation technology and development of equipment for aging retardation. At the same time we are improving technologies for restoration and strengthening of immunity and technologies for rejuvenation. Strengthening of immunity helps to cure many diseases, including cancer.

In order to obtain an industrial design for the aging equipment and continue the growth of our company, we need venture capital investment in our potentially promising and breakthrough business, which can show multiple times its value, We see a large window of opportunity for our company in the medium and long term. In particular, with a good venture capital investment, we can create a modern science center, hire the best specialists in physics, engineering, medicine, electronics and it will accelerate the growth of the company and bring high profits and quick payback.

As a result, with venture capital investment, we plan to reach revenue of $10,000,000 by 2026, $20,000,000 by 2030 and become a very profitable company. We have no doubt about it, there will be tens of millions of consumers of our products. Our company has several competitive advantages that make it cheaper to design and manufacture aging and rejuvenation equipment.

The price, on average, of selling one piece of aging retardation equipment to a consumer, initially, will be about $10,000. In this price $4,000 will be the profit. If you sell 1 year 1000 units of aging deceleration equipment, the profit will be $ 4,000,000. The plan is to sell twice as many units of aging deceleration equipment in 1 year, but this will only happen if there is sufficient venture capital investment.
Due to the presence of several know-hows in anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies, we have no competitors and will not have any while the know-how will be classified.

Our company is capable of capturing the first place in the global market, and building a long-term monopoly. For example, due to the fact that we have a super technology for aging and rejuvenation with several know-how.

The potential valuation of our company is over $50,000,000 because there is a real and ready theoretical and technological part in the aging slowing and rejuvenation business area. In fact, the anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies are worth considerably more. For example, Jeff Bezos has earmarked $3 billion to create a cure for aging - more specifically, to open the Altos Labs, where this rejuvenation elixir will be invented, for many years. To invent an elixir quickly, you need the right theory. We have the right theory. That's why our anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies are the only ones in the world that are already really working. No one else has this technology. And the creation of drugs which help slow down aging is only possible if you apply our Physical Aging Theory which was approved and supported by the famous US gerontologist L. Stephen Coles the creator of the Gerontology Research Group.

About technology.

Several anti-aging and rejuvenation technologies have been developed. There are several know-how without which it is impossible to slow down aging and rejuvenate.

1. the technology of slowing down aging while you sleep.
A person sleeps at night in a special technological device, Methuselah bed, (bed-capsule, capsule-bed), where special physical conditions are created. These physical conditions trigger physical processes in the body, which slow down aging and trigger an excessive production of young cells in the body.
This technological method allows the effective use of sleep time to slow down aging from three to six months in 1 year, and with further improvement of technology and for rejuvenation.

2. Special physical conditions that slow down aging can also, create in clothes, in the car, in the office, etc.

3. If the cooperation is successful, pharmaceuticals will be developed - pills, drops, which will help to slow down aging and help rejuvenation. These pharmaceuticals will definitely work effectively, help slow down aging and help rejuvenate, because there is a correct Physical Theory of Aging, because it is clear what needs to be done and how it will work.
There is a correct scientific theory about the cause of aging - the Physical Theory of Aging. There is correct knowledge about human biophysics. There are real working technologies of slowing down of aging and technologies of rejuvenation. There are tens of millions of customers who need products that help slow down aging. To start quickly selling these technologies and products to consumers we need venture capital investment.
If you become an investor in this breakthrough project, you will not be disappointed. Your investment will increase several times over. We hope you like this breakthrough investment proposal, the aging retardation project.

The head of the scientific project on aging retardation and rejuvenation

Kolpakov S.

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